The State ENR CDE will include a Team Activity this year centered around
the rotating theme, "water." We have teamed with the Environmental
Protection Division's Adopt-A-Stream (AAS) unit to assist us. You should
find attached the scorecard that will be used for this activity.

On the scorecard is a section where the students will need to list the
acceptable ranges for the parameters tested. You can go to to see
what the EPD requires. Attached is a list of parameter ranges (note: these
are subject to change - state qualifying teams will get more specific
information as the event date approaches).

Good practice for the activity would be to have your students adopt a
stream and start testing a local stream to your area. Go to to learn more. The core
parameters tested in the AAS program are dissolved oxygen, pH, and

There are nine parameters that students are required to know how to test at
the National level. They are listed on the scorecard. I have attached a
list of test kits and test strips that could be used to test these
parameters. You may be able to cobble a teaching kit together by visiting
with your science teachers, contacting an AAS volunteer, your locale's
water treatment facility, or buy them yourself. Hach is a reputable science
kit supply company, but other companies can be used.

A couple of notes concerning the revised ENR Rules and Guidelines:

   - They are posted on the Ag Ed website now.
   - There will be a Jr. ENR at the Area and State level. (Jrs. will do the
   ID and GPS only - no test or team activity.)
   - The Sr. event at the Area level will NOT include the team activity,
   but WILL include a test (team members may collaborate).
   - The Sr. event at the State level will include the team activity (work
   collaboratively) described above AND a test (team members will work
   - The Sr. event at both levels will include ID and GPS as in years past.

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