Thanks Dr. Kelsey for sharing this resource for SAE's.

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Hi Christa;
You may wish to share this with the AGED list.

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 As many of you are aware, SAE renewal is a focus and I wanted to share a
new resource that approaches SAE education through:

 1. *SAE Resources*....a set of progressive videos or if needed PDF files
(using the upper right option to turn the page to all PDF files) through a
new Essential Elements of an SAE document and then the resources of time
and money.  Also, this connects to each AFNR pathway through an outline and
then continues onto student SAE examples.  If this approach is not
desirable, the typical types of SAEs are listed and relate videos shown as
a section on the home page.

 2. *Explore Your SAE*....this is a flipped classroom approach to teaching
SAE.  Rather than define SAE to student, each student can develop a simple
login and explore their SAE through a set of simple questions that help
them find their SAE interest based on their responses, then develop a draft
SAE Plan and even print a one page summary or return to print it at a later
date.  Also, they can view SAEs in their program, state and national
perspective of SAE interest and hours per week available from others in the
statistics page.

 Also, on the Explore SAE teachers can view all their students explorations
through either their AET login or from AgCN, and select "Explore SAE" on
the left menu.  Simply list each student that has explored as SAE and gives
the teacher a link to their report or the ability to delete a student that
has a bogus experience.

 3. *Teacher Tools* - this is a location for class activities and teachers
comments (videos) regarding how SAEs are a part of their program.  We are
hoping to expand student and teacher example videos, so if you know of any
in your state that have innovative projects or ideas, please let me know.

 This site is lead by Roger Hanagriff and John Rayfield of Texas A&M

 You can view the site at

 Please review, and share any edits you may see, questions you have for the
site and resources you think that should be added.  We have tried to
organize in a manner that aligns records and FFA awards into a common theme
or organization.  I am hoping that the site can provide resources teachers
can use.  Thanks for reviewing and hope this resource helps in the SAE
discussion.  Roger

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