I know many of you have begun working on the Enrollment Forms. I thought I
would send an email with the instructions and the forms for those who may
need them.

These forms will be* due to the Central Region Office on or before October
15th. *They should be emailed to:

*[log in to unmask]
<[log in to unmask]>*

Please enter the needed information for each class you are teaching this
semester, In an effort to collect accurate and reliable information, please
follow the instructions on the form and be careful of these common problems:

* *Each teacher will submit their own enrollment form*. In multi-teacher
programs, we will combine the teachers onto one form if necessary in our

* Make sure that in multi teacher departments, *each teacher enters names
the same way*. i.e. first and last name in same order, same nickname or
given name such as Bill or William, etc.

* If the form is not correctly finding all of your duplicated students,
check to see that there are no invisible *spaces at the end of the name*
and that there are the same number of *spaces between the first and last
name*. These hard to see differences will cause the form not to recognize
them as the same student.

*Make sure that the students you identify as FFA members on this form *agrees
with your actual FFA roster* that you submit through the Ag Career Network.

*Make sure that you only enter FFA membership information and SAE
information *one time on duplicated students.* Each other time the student
is entered, these two spaces should be left blank.

* Choose the *best fit option *in the class period column. I realize that
many of you have hybrid types of schedules that do not fit into the
standard options.

* Please be sure that you complete your* name and school information* on
the second page of this form. Once we save it in our dropbox we have no way
of identifying whose it is if this is left blank.

If you have any questions or need assistance, please do not hesitate to
call anyone here at the office.

Thanks for all you do,

Chris Corzine
Central Region Agricultural Education Director
Georgia Department of Education
PO Box 4060
1005 State University Dr.
Ft. Valley, GA 31030
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"Making Agricultural Education Work for All Georgians"