This year we will have the first ever (to my knowledge) JR Ag Mechanics CDE
in the Central Region.  The event will be open to Middle School students
and High School 9th grade students.  Details are in the attached CDE
Guidelines for the event.

The dates of the event are on the calendar with Area 3 on December 11 and
Area 4 on December 9 in conjunction with other CDEs on those days.

The CDE will basically consist of tool identification and a single skill.
The skill will be similar to the format of the state CDE and will come from
one of the identified "systems" areas.  This year's skill will come from
the structural systems area and students need to be familiar with the
following items:

Select, identify, and use proper woodworking layout and hand tools including

   - speed square/rafter square/steel rule
   - crosscut hand saw
   - clamps
   - measuring tools/tapes
   - pencils
   - Calculate board feet.
   - add, subtract, multiply, and/or divide fractions or fractional

The specific skill will center around measuring, squaring, marking and
cutting dimensional lumber such as a 2 x 4 x ? using hand woodworking and
layout tools mentioned above.  In addition, the skill will involve problem
solving using board foot calculations and fractional measurements.

The tool identification list is attached along with the CDE guidelines. The
list comes direction from the most recent edition of the textbook -
Mechanics:  Fundamentals and Applications.*

Teams will consist of 4 students and all 4 scores will count.  Each student
will ID tools and perform the skill.

Registration will be sent electronically 30 days prior to the event.

Kevin Jump
Area Mechanics Teacher
Central Region Agricultural Education
PO Box 4060
1005 State University Drive
Fort Valley, GA  31030
478 825 6068 office
478 230 8344 cell
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