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Please note the good work Dr. Todd Brashears and TTU students are leading for our industry and consider involving your students in this positive media campaign for Agriculture!

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Recent media campaigns by special interest groups have seized the upper hand in controlling the message from the agricultural sector.  Far too often, as the leaders in agricultural education, we have been reactionary with our message of positive outcomes and support for our stakeholders.  We now have an opportunity to change this stance and provide a positive message in response to a negative attack.

On October 2nd, a consortium of special interest groups including our friends at PETA, FARM, The Humane League and others will launch a massive social media effort to paint animal agriculture in negative light.  The campaign is call FAST AGAINST SLAUGHTER and will include post such as this one on every possible social media outlet.  This campaign will reach millions of individuals worldwide with the single message that animals are starved, beaten and abused by our nation’s farmers.


See this campaign here:

Rather than reactionary, uncoordinated, individual responses on October 2nd, I propose a positive, collaborative campaign of our own.  The graduate student organization at TTU has developed materials with the positive message that agriculture is essential in the global fight against food insecurity.  Those materials are attached.  Feel free to alter and personalize anything in these documents.

Our grad student group has created a Facebook page called AgProvides, Twitter  page and handle  (@agprovides), and the hashtag #AgProvides to connect us together. In these ways, we will share additional resources for the campaign. During the next four weeks they will be coordinating dozens of student organizations in the college, local FFA chapters and industry leaders to provide food for the local food bank.


Though our nationwide network of the best and brightest communicators and educators available, we want to offset the damage this group will do by filling our local food banks and help fight food insecurity rather than compound the problem through a negative, unwarranted attack on the very people who feed the nation and the world.  It is time we use our expertise to help support our producers. Start by liking and posting facts about what Ag Provides in your area.  Then speak to your student group about getting involved.  We don’t want you going door-to-door collecting food.  We want your student leaders to organize every college group, club, organization, local industry and FFA Chapters.  This should be a community effort.

On October 2nd, instead of responding, commenting, sharing their message, let’s positively share pictures and stories of the good things agriculture professionals can do by donating food for those in need.

We don’t own this campaign or want control of it.  We want it to take on a life of its own through work on each campus.  We will spend the next four weeks collecting food and using #AgProvides to document our efforts on social media.  We ask that you do the same.



Todd Brashears, Ed.D.
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