We have started getting questions regarding Precision Exams. Our contact at
Precision Exams is Adam Sanchez.  He put together a help sheet to help you
or your Administration answer specific questions you may have along the
way.  Please don't hesitate to contact myself or Adam with any questions.

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Date: Thu, Sep 11, 2014 at 6:11 PM
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Hello Christa,

If you could send out the messaging to the Ag Ed teachers, that would be
great!  We don’t have study guides for our assessments.  Our assessments
aren’t written to any specific courseware or software.  We provide each
exams standard set, which list everything down to the objective level, and
the questions on the exams are written specifically to these objectives.

Also, we are receiving a number of phone calls from districts asking
questions regarding pre-testing, reporting capabilities, getting started,
next steps, etc.  I’ve attached a general information sheet to help
districts.  I appreciate all of your help and let me know if there’s
anything else we can do for you.


Adam Sanchez

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