I wanted to make you aware of two opportunities through the Georgia
Agribusiness Council. Most of you should have already heard about the Dr.
Joe B. Crane Memorial Classroom Grant program, but the GAC also has the Bill
Baisley “Sumpin’ Big” Scholarship program. I would ask you to encourage any
interested high school senior or college undergraduate to submit a
scholarship application. See the information provided by GAC below. I've
also attached a copy of the scholarship application.

Applications for the GAC Bill Baisley “Sumpin’ Big” Scholarship program and
the GAC Dr. Joe B. Crane Memorial Classroom Grant program are now
available. These initiatives support the Council’s commitment to
agricultural education and are funded through the *Georgia Agribusiness
Council Foundation*
<> thanks to the
generous support of our GAC membership.

·       *The Mr. William C. “Bill” Baisley “Sumpin’ Big” Scholarship awards
two $1,000 scholarships *to qualified college undergraduate students or
incoming college students who are majoring in an agriculture-related
subject at any accredited college or university in Georgia. *Applications
are due postmarked by October 24th. *Click here for the scholarship

·       *The Dr. Joe B. Crane Memorial Classroom Grant program provides up
to four $500 grants *to Georgia educators for funding of special projects
aimed at teaching agriculture in the classroom. The grants may be awarded
to any Georgia teacher, K-12, at a public or private school. *Applications
are due postmarked by October 10th*. Click here for the grant application.

Thank you in advance for sharing these opportunities with friends and
family that could benefit from these programs.

Josh Allen
North Region Ag Education
204 Four Towers
Athens, GA 30602
706-552-4466 office
706-202-0770 cell