If your chapter will have swine at the Fair please read this email from Dr. Dove. If you have questions please let me know. 

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Good Afternoon,


Please do not forward this email to exhibitors.  The information requested should be supplied by Agents or Teachers only.


The Georgia National Fair Swine Show is 3 weeks away.  We will be pre-assigning pens for the fair.  We will be taking the number of pigs that we expect in the show and dividing this number by the number of pens that we have available.  This will give us an average number of pigs/pen.  We will then divide the number of pigs that you have registered or the number of pigs you tell us you are bringing by that average number of pig/pen and that will be the number of pens you are assigned.  We do not expect there to be a shortage of pens for the fair as there was in February. We will be assigning pens by Chapter or County and we will NOT be making provisions for those within your Chapter or County that do not want to pen with the Chapter or County. It will be the responsibility of the Agents and Teachers to insure that everyone in their Chapter or County knows what pens are assigned to them and that they do not take pens that are not assigned to the Chapter or County. I realize that you may not have as much information concerning pigs coming to the fair as you do those coming to the show in February.  We will work around this as needed.  

 Please note that for the fair, gates will open at 7:00 AM.

 As we did in February we will be using a Google Doc to collect the needed information for penning.  Please fill out the form completely.  It is important that you separate out breeding gilts from market hogs on the form.  Forms need to be submitted by Agents or Teachers only by October 3. There should only be one request per group and exhibitors should not submit requests individually. Individual exhibitors who request pens on their own will be assigned pens after all group pens have been assigned. Penning assignments will be emailed on or before October 8 and will be posted at the gate as you enter the fairgrounds. It is important that you fill out the Google Doc form accurately and that you do not include any pigs that you know are not coming to the show. 

 You may access the Google Doc form at:


Please do not email your requests to me.

Please note that we will honor barn requests as long as there is space available in the barn.  However, honoring requests for specific pens in the barn will not be a priority and will occur only if the request fits with available space and the overall penning plan.  Just because you had a specific set of pens last year, does not give you priority to those pens this year.  Pens will be assigned as needed to insure that all pigs coming to the show have adequate space.   


Please let us know if you have any questions.



C. Robert Dove

Associate Professor, Undergraduate Coordinator and Swine Extension Specialist

Department of Animal and Dairy Science

248 Rhodes Center for Animal and Dairy Science

University of Georgia

425 River Road

Athens, GA 30602


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