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Mid-Winter Conference Questionnaire
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    Would you be interested in attending a Dairy Judging breakout session? *
    - Yes, I would definitely attend
      - Sounds interesting, but I may go to something else that sounds
      - Nope!
      - Other:
     Would you be willing to bring your own materials to attend a Wreath
   Making breakout session? *
   A list of materials will be sent in advance (probably on multiple
   - Yes, sign me up!
      - Sounds interesting, but I may not want to go through the trouble
      - I'll probably just watch
      - Not my thing
     What are your feelings on a "round table" discussion?
      If Gilda Lyons (Differentiation) puts on a single (2.5 hours)
   breakout session, would you attend?
    - Count me in!
      - 2.5 hours?!?!?! I guess....
      - Pass!
      - Other:
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              Brittany Bearden
            Agriculture Education
             Hahira Middle School
                101 S. Nelson Street
             Hahira, Georgia 31632


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