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UGA International Photo and Video Contest
Call for Photos and Videos - Due Nov. 3


European Council Program in Paris – Today at Noon
Let’s get excited about studying abroad! Reps from USG’s European Council study abroad program in Paris are here to talk to YOU!  Check out their info tables this week:

Date and Time: 11:00 AM to 1:00 PM, Monday, Oct. 20th
Location: Jittery Joe’s in the Miller Learning Center
Countries:  France (Paris)
More Information<>

UGA International Photo and Video Contest – Call for Photos and Videos (top)
The Photo & Video Contest is an important OIE tradition that recognizes our students' worldly ventures and supports our campus-wide celebration of International Education Week<> each November. We welcome all UGA students to join this annual event!
This year, the theme of the contest is “See the World, Learn, Share the World.” When we say education, it is not just academic education. Education can be through traveling, through making friends, through experiencing life and through adventuring. You learn and get to know this world by putting yourself in the world college. Please share with us what you learned internationally with images and/or video.

Deadline: 11:30 PM, EST on Monday, November 3rd, 2014.
More Information and <> Submit NOW<>

Winners Announced during International Education Week: Friday, November 21st, 2014 at International Coffee Hour at the Tate Center, 11:30 am - 1:30 pm. This event will include door prizes, food and a chance to cast your vote in the People's Choice photo award!
To inquire about the contest and sponsorship opportunities please contact [log in to unmask]<mailto:[log in to unmask]>.

International Education Week 2014 at the University of Georgia (top)
International Education Week (IEW) is just around the corner! Mark on you calenders: November 17-21. 2014.

Visit IEWatUGA<> website and check the calender of the events, add your own events, apply for a photo and video contest, and more!

Please contact [log in to unmask]<mailto:[log in to unmask]> or [log in to unmask]<mailto:[log in to unmask]> for more information.

Sasa Boric Lecture – Current Program of Designing Meaningful Spaces (top)
Date and Time: 4:30 PM, Wednesday, Oct. 22nd
Location: 112 Jackson Street Building
Topic: Conservation, Rehabilitation, Gentrification: Current Problems of Designing Meaningful Spaces in Central and South Eastern Europe.


Find a Program<>
Explore Financial Aid<>
Attend an Info Session
Meet with an Advisor
Work or Volunteer Abroad<>



  *   European Council Program in Paris - Today at Noon
  *   2014 International Photo and Video Contest
  *   International Education Week 2014 at UGA
  *   Sasa Boic Lecture
  *   2015 Taiwan Public Health Study Abroad Program
  *   Certificate Program: Health and Safety Abroad
  *   Walk-in Hours and Weekly Options Abroad Sessions


  *   Scholarship Due in October/November
  *   Scholarship for USAC Programs
  *   Costa Rica's Franklin Spring Program
  *   Critical Language Scholarship Application
  *   Intern Abroad with Global Experiences
  *   Volunteer in Peru
  *   Guatemala Study Abroad for UGA Students


  *   Vote From Abroad  Registration
  *   Register Online with the U.S. Embassy
  *   Send Final Transcript to Education Abroad


  *   Study Abroad Program Evaluations


Student Forms and Docs<>
Arrange a Speaker for Your Group<>

2015 Taiwan Public Health Study Abroad Info Session (top)
Date and Time: 12:20 PM to 1:00 PM, Monday, Oct. 27th
Location: Ramsey 215

Attend to sample Chinese egg rolls and learn about this fascinating Maymester UGA study abroad program (6 credits) – a hands-on introduction to the wonders of ancient Chinese medicine & the culture of healthy living and aging in Taiwan.

Study Abroad Certificate Program: Health and Safety Abroad – Tues., Oct. 21st, 5:30 PM, OIE (top)
By attending a certain number of these workshops, students will receive a study abroad certificate. This certificate program is designed to provide students with a complete study abroad experience.
Visit the website<>

Health and Safety Abroad        Tues., Oct. 21st
5:30 PM to 6:30 PM      MLC #214
Lessons From Abroad     Tues., Nov. 11th
5:30 PM to 6:30 PM      MLC #214
Study Abroad Essentials Before You Leave        Tues., Dec. 2nd
5:30 PM to 6:30 PM      MLC #214
Marketing Your Study Abroad Experience  Tues., Nov 18th
5:30 PM to 6:30 PM      MLC #201

2014 Fall Advising: Walk-in Hours and Weekly Options Abroad Sessions (top)
We offer walk-in advising and “Options Abroad” sessions. For individual attention, we recommend visiting a peer advisor during walk-in hours for quick questions. For a general overview, we recommend attending the weekly Options Abroad sessions.
Step 1: Attend a weekly Options Abroad Session for general information.
Step 2: If you have questions or need to consult an advisor

  *   walk-in hours: for quick questions with a peer advisor
  *   individual appointment with an education abroad advisor: please contact [log in to unmask] <mailto:[log in to unmask]> to make an appointment (available daily based on advisors’ schedules)

Monday  10:00-10:50 AM  OIE
Tuesday 10:00-10:50 AM  OIE
Wednesday       2:00-3:00 PM    Tate 472
Thursday        1:00-1:50 PM    OIE

Monday  1:30-3:00 PM    OIE
Tuesday 11:00-12:00 PM  OIE
Thursday        1:00-3:00 PM    MLC Jittery Joe’s


Scholarships Due in October/November (top)
Scholarship     Due Date        Application Information
Due in October
Asia-Georgia Internship October 24th, 2014      Apply Now<>
Elizabeth Suzanne Schaefer Scholarship  October 24th, 2014
by 12:00 AM EST Apply Now<>
Kay Family Study Abroad Scholarship
Katherine John Murphy Scholarship
Michael F. & Mary E. Adams Study Abroad Scholarship
Alumni Association Fellowship
OIE International Education Fellowship
Due in November
SIT Scholarship November 1st, 2014      Apply Now<>
Honors International Scholars Program   November 5th,2014
By 12:00 PM     Apply Now<>
Critical Language Scholarship (CLS) Program     November 12th, 2014
By 8:00 PM EST  Apply Now<>
IAU College Scholarship November 15th, 2014     Apply Now<>
Organization for Tropical Studies       November 15th, 2014     Apply Now<>
Foundation for Global Scholars  November 30th, 2014     Apply Now<>
More scholarship information<>

New Scholarships Available for USAC Programs (top)
USAC is pleased to have added three new program sites over the last year in Reggio Emilia, Lyon, and Cork.  In order to celebrate these new programs, USAC is offering multiple new program scholarships for each of these programs.

Reggio Emilia<> (Application Deadline: November 1, 2014)

  *   $800 for spring 2015
  *   $500 for summer 2015
  *   $800 for fall 2015

Lyon, France<> (Application Deadline: April 1, 2015)

  *   $500 for summer 2015

Cork, Ireland<> (Application Deadline: April 1, 2015)

  *   $500 for summer 2015

UGA Costa Rica's Franklin Spring Program Application Deadline – Oct. 31st, 2014 (top)
The newly revamped Franklin College Spring Semester program offers students a broad variety of core curriculum and major requirements utilizing the unique culture and natural wonders of Costa Rica, emphasizing Latin American content throughout its coursework in Physical Education, Anthropology, Education, and Biology; beginning through advanced levels of Spanish; and three upper-level PSYC requirements necessary for all Psychology majors<>! However, all levels of students and a wide variety of majors, however, are strongly encouraged to apply. After all, all Franklin students will need these core credits!

In addition to several $1,500 Foundation Incentive Scholarships available through UGACR<>, there are a number of Franklin Awards<> available, as well as a compendium assembled by OIE<>.

For more information: Franklin Spring Semester Program Website<>

Critical Language Scholarship Application Open for 2015 – Attend a Webinar for Information (top)
The U.S. Department of State is pleased to announce the opening of the scholarship competition for the 2015 Critical Language Scholarship (CLS) Program in thirteen critical foreign languages. The thirteen CLS languages are: Arabic, Azerbaijani, Bangla, Chinese, Hindi, Indonesian, Japanese, Korean, Persian, Punjabi, Russian, Turkish, and Urdu.

Prior to preparing their application, interested students should review the full eligibility and application information on the CLS Program website<> or attend one of the webinars. The application is now live and available online.<> Application will be due on November 12, 2014 by 8:00 PM EST.

For questions, please contact Sarah Bartfeld by email at [log in to unmask]<mailto:[log in to unmask]> (preferred method) or by phone at 202-833-7522.

Intern Abroad with Global Experiences (top)
You have your very own set of talents, experiences, and personality traits that no one else can exactly duplicate, but how do you prove that to employers? Last year, only 9% of American undergraduate students studied abroad, and even fewer had an internships and traveled abroad. Not only is an international internship a unique way to travel and immerse yourself in a new culture, but it has also been proven to benefit your career. Global Experiences has 13 years of experience working with college students to customize their internship experience to match their interests, abilities and personal goals. From the moment you inquire, you will work one-to-one with a Program Consultant to help you craft your unique plan for interning abroad. Once enrolled, you are assigned a dedicated Program Adviser, who will collaborate with you to get your cover letter and resume in order, practice interviewing and make a decision on a placement. Your Program Adviser is always available to answer any questions you might have before your trip and provides valuable assistance with necessities like the visa process, budgeting and packing. Once abroad, our Location Coordinators plan exciting and culturally immersive events to help you get to know your new city. They are also available in case you have any questions or concerns as well as guide you through our extensive career development program. Even after your internship, you are always considered part of the Global Experiences' community with a range of alumni services available.

For more information, please contact Melissa Vivian, Director of Academic Internships, at [log in to unmask]<mailto:[log in to unmask],> or (917) 558-2321.

Volunteer in Peru (top)
Inter-Cultural Village (ICV), a high-quality-affordable volunteer organization based and run in Peru, invites the University of Georgia’s students and staff to join their intern and volunteer program. ICV has long experience in accepting student volunteers and interns and let them have a fruitful staying in this amazing country. The worksites are health clinics (for medical and pre med students), public schools, prison, day care centers, etc. There is a complete Spanish immersion.

For more Information, please visit ICV’s website<>, or contact Rudy Anyosa, the Country Director, at (844) 334-2584.

Guatemala Study Abroad for UGA Students (top)
The center for Latin American Studies at the University of Arizona invites you to participate in its renowned study abroad program in Guatemala, the International Program for Education and Social Action (IDEAS).

The IDEAS study abroad program in Guatemala is a unique experience that combines rigorous academics with for-credit internships that engage students in a transformational pedagogy. Our program weaves goal is to give you a prism with which to analyze the present and build your personal and professional future in relation to a rapidly changing and increasingly challenged planet and its people.
together theoretical and practical engagement in themes such as development and public health, ethnic relations and human rights, and indigenous politics with ongoing reflection of current events, home-stay experiences, top-notch language training and encounters with Guatemalan activists, artists, students and scholars.  You will be opening yourself to sights and sounds, thoughts and feelings of a country known equally for its spectacular beauty and deep social contrasts. Our
For more information, please view the website<>, or contact IDEAS program director Gustavo Palma, at [log in to unmask]<mailto:[log in to unmask]> (inquiries can be in English or Spanish). Interested students can also contact University of Arizona Study Abroad Program Director Jill Calderón, at [log in to unmask]<mailto:[log in to unmask]>.

Abroad Now

Vote from Abroad Registration (top)
Students studying abroad may need to apply for absentee voting in the midterm elections. Follow these three simple steps to prepare for your overseas voting experience.

  1.  Complete a Federal Post Card Application (FPCA) form<> to register to vote and request an absentee ballot. Send it to local election officials in the state where you were living before going overseas. Visit the FVAP to find the mailing address for your local election official and state-by-state absentee voting instructions<>. You can mail your FPCA from any U.S. embassy or consulate. Check your state's instructions <> to find out if you can e-mail or fax your FPCA.
  2.  After your state's officials approve your request, they will send you absentee ballots for each federal election that calendar year. Some states will even e-mail or fax you your absentee ballot.
  3.  Vote! Complete the ballot and send it back in time to meet your state's deadlines. Learn more about your state’s procedures and deadlines<>.

Register Online with a U.S. Embassy – Smart Traveler Enrollment Program (top)
The Office of International Education strongly recommends that all current study abroad students register with the local U.S. Embassy in their host country. Smart Traveler Enrollment Program (STEP) is a free service provided by the U.S. Government to U.S. citizens who are traveling to, or living in, a foreign country. STEP allows you to enter information about your upcoming trip abroad so the U.S. Department of State can better assist you in an emergency. STEP also allows Americans residing abroad to get routine information from the nearest U.S. embassy or consulate. Please do take the responsibility to register your stay abroad with the U.S. State Department while on your study abroad program.

Register Now<>

Please Send Final Transcript to Education Abroad (top)
If you are on a Fall 2014 non-UGA/external Education abroad program, please check-in with your program sponsor and make a request for your final transcript.
Your program transcript should be mailed to University of Georgia C/O Education Abroad, 1324 South Lumpkin Street, Athens, GA 30602.

Study Abroad Program Evaluations (top)
Did you attend a non-UGA study abroad program? We’d like to hear about your experience! Please take our online survey<>.

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Athens, GA 30602
Phone 001-706-542-2900
Fax 001-706-583-0106

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**Thank you for visiting the Study Abroad Office- We would enjoy
feedback from you since your recent visit to our office.
Please take a moment to fill out our online evaluation at this link: