I would encourage you to consider this completion if you have teams in ENR, Forestry and Wildlife. See the information below about the competition. A team from Appling County won the state competition last year. Some of their team members were on their FFA teams. Their coaches were past agriculture teachers. I attended last years state competition. If you have the state winning ENR team. It would be very beneficial to your team in preparation for the National ENR Competition. Feel free to call me with any questions.

Link to Georgia Envirothon

1. The Envirothon is North America’s premier natural resource education competition for high school students. The Envirothon offers both in-class curriculum and hands-on field experiences focused around ecology, natural resource management, and current environmental issues. This unique combination of learning experiences and breadth of study is part of what has made the Envirothon a huge success with students and educators across the United States and Canada. The Georgia Envirothon is operated by the Georgia Envirothon Council and manages the Regional and State contests. The National Conservation Foundation (NCF) Envirothon is operated by the National Conservation Foundation and manages the North American competition. Learn more about the NCF Envirothon.

2. How does the competition work?

Testing at the region and state competition involves visiting five stations, one for each study unit, located within easy walking distance from other stations at the competition site. Teams move between the competition sites in groups, usually four to five teams per group. At each station site team examinations are administered by the station coordinator. Tests contain many question formats including narrative responses, true/false, fill in the blank, multiple choice, and matching. Teams may also be given a brief presentation by the station coordinator on ecosystem issues important to that station. 

Teams have 45 minutes per station except at the state, where the presentation station is generally 20 minutes.
Questions come from the study materials posted on the Georgia Envirothon web site. Many of the questions involve investigating the site, not just recall of study material, to correctly answer the questions. During the state competition, the current environmental topic will involve a team oral presentation that asks the team to solve a specific problem.

3. Why compete?

The unique combination of curriculum-based, hands-on education and experience has proven to be an ideal way to engage students in the complex issues of managing natural resources to create a better environment. Students are also able to engage and interact with natural resource professionals and peers who have the same ambitions. Additionally, the winning teams at the NCF Envirothon are awarded generous college scholarships!

4. How much does it cost to compete?

Registration per team is $150 before December 15th. This includes both the regional and state competition. After December 15th, registration is $200. Registration ends January 15th. Your registration money goes toward paying for use of the competition site and facility, awards, t-shirts, and general administrative expenses.

5. Is financial help available to pay my team's registration?

It is possible that sponsorship are available to cover your team’s registration from the Georgia Soil and Water Conservation Commission. To see if assistance is available, go to: and click on Contact Information or contact your regional Envirothon coordinator. Teams are encouraged to seek out local sponsorships and involve their local community.

6. What grades are eligible to compete?

Students enrolled in grades 9-12 are eligible to compete. (Homeschool included)

7. How do you put together a team for the Georgia Envirothon?

Teams can be comprised of students from a school, club, or organization (FFA, Girl or Boy Scouts, etc.). Home schooled students may organize to form a team as well.

8. How many teams can compete from each school?

There is no limit on the number of teams any school, organization, or association may bring to their respective regional competition. However, only two teams from the same school, organization, or association may advance on to the state competition. The Georgia Envirothon reserves the right to raise or limit the number of teams that can participate at regional and state competitions should any unforeseen circumstances arise related to space or fairness etc.    

9. How many students are required for each team competing at the Georgia Envirothon?

Each team may consist of 4-6 students from the same school or organization. If your team advances to the state competition, at least 4 members of the regional competition team must participate at the state competition. If your team is unable to advance to the state competition with 4 original members, your team will lose its right to advance and the next highest scoring team will be allowed to advance.

10. How many students can be on the team for the National Conservation Foundation (NCF) Envirothon?

Only 5 students can comprise the state team at the NCF Envirothon. As in the regional and state competition, at least 4 of the original members of the team winning the state competition must participate in the NCF Envirothon. If your team is unable to advance to the NCF Envirothon with 4 original members, your team will lose its right to advance and the second place team will receive the right to advance.

11. How do I prepare my team for the competition?

Register your team through the Registration tab. The entities that prepare the packet will be the entities that will test your students during the competition. Study materials are the source of all questions used for the station examinations.

If you, as a teacher, are new to the Envirothon, it is suggested that you call an expert for help. Contact anyone from the Georgia Council or individuals on our state station coordinator list, a good place to start to find local experts. Another good contact is your local Resource Conservation and Development (RC&D) office. Historically, the teams that have done better in the competition contact local entities for help.

12. How does the competition work?

13. When are the regional competitions?

You can find all the dates for the competitions on the Dates tab.

14. Do I have to be a paying member to compete?

No! The Georgia Envirothon membership program exists to support you! Advisors and students are the beneficiaries of our membership program and are not required to pay to compete. By all means, if you are interested in supporting the program we would love for you to join, but it is not a pre-requisite to participate. Please consider thanking our members for investing in the program and supporting natural resource education and YOU!

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