Dear Tetrahymena researchers,

The Tetrahymena Stock Center is ready to begin accepting and distributing plasmids to the Tetrahymena community. We have set up a web based ordering system, similar to that currently in use for Tetrahymena strains, that will go live soon ( In addition to plasmid ordering capabilities, the website will provide basic information for each plasmid whenever available, including a plasmid map, available sequence data, and related publications. A simple online ordering system will make requesting plasmids quick and easy. 

We will start with the plasmids listed at this link (  ), generously supplied by several labs. However, we know that there are many other potentially useful plasmids in use throughout the Tetrahymena community. If you have cloned cDNA genes, GFP, RFP, Lux, mCherry, or other fluorophore constructs, cloning vectors, Epitope Tagging vectors, Transformation vectors, Gene Silencing vectors, Expression vectors, or any other constructs that might be useful to other researchers that you are willing to share, please let us know. We will happily add new plasmids to the existing list. Once we confirm that we do not already have the construct, all we need is a sample of the plasmid, either as a bacterial stab or isolated plasmid DNA, along with a plasmid map, vector information, sequence information, and any additional information that will facilitate use of the plasmid by other researchers. When available, references to any publications related to plasmid construction, or use, would also be helpful.

The Stock Center will maintain bacterial cultures as duplicate frozen stocks in two separate -80°C freezers. Plasmids will be supplied primarily as DNA spotted on filter paper (the only method for shipping outside the US), or, if necessary, as bacterial clones shipped after overnight growth that will arrive as a living E. coli stab on LB medium (within the US only). Plasmids will cost $50 plus shipping, with an added $15 charge for bacterial cultures. 

The Tetrahymena research community has always proven to be remarkably generous in sharing resources. With your help, we are excited to be able to expand the Stock Center services to include useful plasmids, and we look forward to offering additional plasmid resources as they are made available to us. 


Ted and Donna