The official results are in.  Rosters have been checked.

How about the beautiful weather.

Thank you to the Southern Pines Recreation Center of Laurens County for
hosting.  Thank you to those who brought in livestock.  Thank you to
teachers who helped run the contest.  Thank you to Area Officers Mary
Kaitlyn and Emily for assisting.  Thank you to the Area Teachers and
Central Region Director for assisting.

The complete results are attached.

The top two teams from each Area, Junior and Senior will compete in Athens
at the Super Saturday CDE's on March 15.

Congratulations to all!

*Area 3 Junior*
1.  Veterans High, Advisor:  Clay Walker
2.  Upson-Lee Middle, Advisor:  Ashley Thompson

*High Individual:* Morgan Whitley:  Piedmont Academy

*Area 4 Junior*
1.  Effingham Middle, Advisor:  Trey Harris
2.  Johnson County High, Advisor:  Ron Bray

*High Individual: * Max Blizzard, Johnson County High

*Area 3 Senior*
1.  Veterans High, Advisor:  Clay Walker
2.  Perry High, Advisor:  Philip Gentry

*High Individual: *Ali Ikner, Veterans High

*Area 4 Senior*
1.  Johnson County High, Advisor:  Ron Bray
2.  Screven County High, Advisor:  Nancy Sell

*High Individual:* Bethany Fortner, Johnson County High

Ricky Wheeler
Area Animal Science Teacher
Central Region - Agricultural Education
101 North Main Street
Room 318
Swainsboro, Georgia 30401
478/595-5351 (c)