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From: Carl Nichols <[log in to unmask]>
Date: Thu, Dec 4, 2014 at 11:25 AM
Subject: Steve Hobbs Classic Jack Pot Show
To: todd claxton <[log in to unmask]>, Anna Taylor <IMCEAEX-_O=TIFTSCHOOLS_OU=EXCHANGE+20ADMINISTRATIVE+20GROUP+20+28FYDIBOHF23SPDLT+29_CN=RECIPIENTS_CN=[log in to unmask]>, Garvie Nichols <[log in to unmask]>, Patrick E Willis <[log in to unmask]>, Tommy Waldrop <[log in to unmask]>

Carl Nichols
Tift County Young Farmers Advisor
GYFA Website

Tommy Waldrop
Area Livestock Teacher
South Region Agricultural Education
office 229.386.3196
cell 229.326.3053
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