National FFA Alumni has created a new membership option for affiliates - the Affiliation Membership Program. In order to participate in the Affiliation Membership Program an affiliate must complete the attached form and return to Joy Crosby by Jan. 1, 2015. Please note the Jan. deadline is to only submit the attached form. Completed rosters are due Feb. 1, 2015 as normal and affiliates can update their roster through the AGCN.

Here are a few quick points to help you when deciding what to do:
1. Affiliation membership is totally optional. If you do not want to participate, then do not complete the form. You would need to collect alumni dues as you have and update your roster online through the AGCN. Annual membership dues are $10 for national and $5 for state. Lifetime membership dues are $160.

2. If you do want to participate then you must have all signatures on the attached form and return it to Joy Crosby by Jan. 1, 2015. You can either scan in the attached document with signatures and email to Joy at [log in to unmask] or fax to 229-238-2169.

3. Affiliation membership is $100 per affiliate on the national level and you can submit as many names as you would like for members. However, all members must still pay $5 for state dues in Georgia. A minimum of 10 local affiliate members will continue to be in place for the affiliate to be considered active.

4. Annual fee is waived for local affiliates that have at least 25 life members (as of the end of the preceding membership year). However, you still must complete the attached affiliation form and return it to Joy to participate for the 2014/15 membership year. You also have to pay state dues of $5 for any annual members you have on your roster. 

5. If an affiliate does not complete the attached form for Affiliation Status then they must wait until the next membership year (2015/16) to participate.

6.  When you complete your roster online in either format (regular or as an Affiliation membership) then you must email Joy Crosby to notify her that you have completed your roster. She will then review everything and send you an invoice for dues. Do not use the invoice generated through the AGCN. Wait until you receive an invoice from Joy before mailing your dues to Stan Mitchell.

Joy Crosby
GA FFA Alumni membership coordinator

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