The CTAERN Horticulture workshop CTAERN4230 is now live and open for
registration.  The workshop will be a one day workshop on Tuesday, April
7th at the University of Georgia Griffin Campus in Griffin, GA.
Workshop will be conducted by horticulture specialist Bob Westerfield.  An
agenda for the workshop is below so you may review the topics that we will
cover that day.  We will have a working lunch, you may bring your lunch or
purchase a box lunch for $8.00.

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Thank you,

Melissa Riley

*Horticulture Trouble Shooting - Ornamental, Fruit and Vegetable *

8:00-8:30am: Registration

8:30-10:00am: Identification and Selection of Ornamental Landscape Plants

v  This session will cover how to successfully select and identify woody
landscape ornamentals. It will include a hands-on exercise in how to
methodically identify ornamental shrubs.

10:00-10:15am: Break

10:15-11:30am: Troubleshooting Problems in Ornamental Plants

v  This session will look at common diseases, insects and cultural problems
that routinely affect ornamental plants. Participants will also do a
hands-on exercise troubleshooting samples from either the classroom or
outside in the garden.

11:30-12:15pm: Pruning Techniques for Ornaments Shrubs and Trees

v  This session will teach the different methods of pruning as well as
introduce the different types of equipment available. There will also be a
hands-on pruning exercise either inside or outside depending on the weather.

12:15-1:00pm: Working Lunch

v  Participants will eat lunch but also participate in a session on how to
sharpen and maintain pruning equipment.

1:00-2:30pm: Vegetable Growing Tips and Troubleshooting Problems in the

v  This session will cover proper variety selection, maintenance as well as
how to detect and prevent common vegetable problems. This session may have
some PowerPoint along with outdoor activity at the research vegetable

2:30-4:00pm: Selection and Maintenance of Growing Fruit Plants

v  This session will look at the selection and cultural techniques to
growing both small and large fruit. There will be some PowerPoint along
with outdoor classroom instruction.

4:00pm: Questions and Adjourn

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