Attached is a status, as of this past Monday, of the National FFA scholarship applications from Georgia. Please read the information below and find your student(s) on the list. 


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Subject: 2015 Scholarship Application Status

The attached spreadsheet lists your state’s 2015 scholarship applicants as of 1:00 p.m. EST January 26, 2015.  Applications started, submitted or approved after this date and time are not reflected in the attached spreadsheet.  


Signature Pages will be data entered as soon as possible.  Allow 10 business days for mail delivery. 


Please ask your advisors to review the status of their applicants and respond accordingly.  The definition of each status is below:


·        Started:  The student has started the application but has not submitted for advisor approval

·        Pending Advisor Approval:  The student has completed the application and submitted it to their advisor for electronic approval.

·        Awaiting Signature Page:  The advisor has approved the student’s application. The student can now access the signature page to print, sign, and send into the National FFA Center.

·        Completed:  The National FFA Center has received the student’s signature page and no further action is needed unless notified.


Advisors:  Go to, sign into AgCN, select the National Scholarships menu button, then click the “HERE” link to begin the approval process. 


Students: Go to, sign into AgCN, select the National Scholarships menu button, then follow the links back into the application to complete the application or print the Signature Page.


Required Signature Pages must be postmarked no later than February 8th.


Questions?  Email [log in to unmask] or call 317-802-6099.


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