Advisors with Horse Judging Teams,

Please register your teams for the Horse Judging CDE State Contest. The Contest will be held February 7th at Fort Valley College.

T shirts are available. Please see the proof below.T shirts will be $12.00, checks can be made to North Region FFA and due the day of the contest at the registration table.

The contest format will be the same as last year. Mr Chris Corzine will send out a google doc for lunches. Please purchase lunches for your students through the google doc. ( This opportunity for lunches keeps the contest running smoothly)

1. Meet at the Fort Valley College Auditorium, Pettigrew Center, for registration and introductions 8:00 am.
2. Take bus to arena
3. Place four classes
4. Lunch at the arena
5. Bus back to auditorium
6. Test, Team Activity for seniors
7. ReasonsĀ 
8. Announce Results

Horse Judging CDE Registration