The Extemporaneous Public Speaking Sub-Area CDE will be held on January 26th and 27th at various sites throughout the region. Look on your printed South Region January calendar or the on-line dates of the CDEs for sub-area assignments.

Go to the following link to register: Extemporaneous Public Speaking CDE Registration

Attached you will find the Rules and Guidelines for the CDE. Check-in will be at 4:00p. The first speaker will need to be in the preparation room at 4:00p. The second speaker will need to be in the preparation room at 4:15p. The first speaker will speak at 4:30p. I will do a random drawing in my office after the registration deadline and will let you know who the first two speakers are so you can plan to arrive early.

You will also find attached some sample topics.

From the rules:

"Twelve topics will be prepared by the event superintendent and will include three each from the following categories:

    1. agriscience and technology
    2. agrimarketing and international agriculture
    3. food and fiber systems
    4. urban agriculture"

"The officials in charge of the event will screen reference material on the following basis:

    1. Must be limited to five items
    2. Printed material such as books or magazines
    3. Printed compilations of materials collected from internet research
    4. To be counted as one item, a notebook or folder of collected materials may contain NO more than 100 single sided pages or 50 pages double-sided numbered consecutively.
    5. Cannot be notes or speeches prepared by the participant or by another person for the purpose of use in this event."

There can be no hand-written, typed, copied, etc. notes, note cards, opening statements, etc. prepared beforehand included in the reference material.

Good luck! Luck is the product of preparation, hard work, and persistence.

Danny Bartlett
Forestry Teacher
South Region Agricultural Education
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