State Horse Judging Teams,

I'm sure that you are all excited for the State Horse Judging Contest. Here is a list of things to remember as you make your final plans.

1. Registration is at 8:00 am in Pettigrew Center
2. Each team will need to write a "thank you" note to the equestrians that help put on the contest. I     will have thank you cards, but if you would like to bring your own...great!!
3. This is a State Contest! Though uniforms are not required they are recommended. Girls can wear       black pants. Wear appropriate shoes.
4. There 100 teams registered. So be prepared for a long day.
5. Lunch will be provided to the students who order them at the area. If you did not order lunches for     your students please check in with a contest official before you take your student something to         eat. 
6. WE NEED BUSES!! Please email me back if you can drive a bus to transport FFA members out       to the area and back.