Registration update is attached. Please remember, registration for all
speaking events close in one week (February 10th). Use the link below to
register if you have not done so already. Manuscripts should be emailed as
a PDF to [log in to unmask] later than February 10th.

A. Materials to be submitted:
1. Three doubled-spaced typewritten copies (Just email one copy) of the
speech on 8 1 /2 " x 11" white bond paper with cover page that gives the
speech title, participant's name, chapter and date. The body of the
manuscript should have 1" margins and the character font should be 10-12
per inch. Format, bibliography and reference questions should be answered
by the APA style manual. Do not bind manuscripts, only staple. Manuscripts
must be sent to the regional offices for initial level of competition. 2.
Each participant should submit a signed statement that the manuscript is
original work. 3. Each manuscript must be accompanied by a complete and
accurate bibliography. Any plagiarism will result in dismissal from the
competition. Consult the APA style manual with documentation questions.

Attached you will also find the instructor's statement

On Thu, Jan 8, 2015 at 5:07 PM, Josh Allen <[log in to unmask]> wrote:

> As was discussed at our teacher meetings this summer and fall, we will be
> conducting all preliminary speaking events on the same day this year. This
> is a huge undertaking that will take much planning and cooperation to
> accommodate the large numbers of contestants expected.
> Please complete this registration form
> <>
> for each student for the 2015 Area I and Area II Speaking CDEs. Area I will
> be at Gordon County College and Career Academy on February 24, 2015. Area
> II will be at Madison County High School on February 26, 2015. Registration
> for both events will be from 4:00 to 4:30 and the contests will start at
> 4:30.
> Manuscripts for Junior and Senior Prepared Public Speaking should be
> emailed as a PDF to [log in to unmask] no later than
> February 10th.
> Registration (including t-shirt orders) for all speaking events will close
> on February 10th. We really need an accurate count by then in order to
> procure enough judges for this massive undertaking. Thank you for helping
> us in this effort.
> Josh Allen
> North Region Ag Education
> 204 Four Towers
> Athens, GA 30602
> 706-552-4466 office
> 706-202-0770 cell