After talking to teachers attending the Wildlife Management workouts we
have been having, it seems that some have not been able to access the Pond
Management Guide. Attached is the is from THIS resource that ALL
the questions for the Aquatic Test are derived.

Along the same lines, ALL questions dealing with the Whitetail Deer
Management test are derived from the attached Deer Herd Management Booklet
as well as the Georgia Hunting Regulations, which can be found here: Deer
Hunting Regulations

The test questions for the Bird Management event come from the study guide
put together by the State Wildlife Management CDE Superintendent and North
Region Forestry Teacher, Mr. Jerry Taylor. It can be found on his portal: Game
Bird Management Test Material

Good luck to your students next week! *Good luck is the product of hard
work, perseverance, and persistence.*

*Danny BartlettForestry TeacherSouth Region Agricultural Education*
*ABAC 34 - 2802 Moore Highway*
*Tifton, GA  31793*

*229/386-3198 (ofc)*