I have attached a spreadsheet that lists the Area 3, Area 4, and Central
Region proficiency winners in their respective award areas.  I want to
bring attention to the areas with "No Entry" and ask each of you to
consider those areas while thinking of your student's SAEs.  Let me
encourage you to complete apps for those areas in the future.  Remember our
Region goal of have "0" blanks in an application area.

Please take the opportunity to make necessary improvements to your
student's applications before they are due to Mr. Corzine.  He (Mr.
Corzine) needs to have them in hand, corrected and signed by March 20.

An area teacher will be in contact with you about any suggested

Congratulations to each area winner and to each region winner.  Best wishes
to each region winner as you represent Central Region during finalist



Kevin Jump
Area Mechanics Teacher
Central Region Agricultural Education
PO Box 4060
1005 State University Drive
Fort Valley, GA  31030
478 825 6068 office
478 230 8344 cell
478 825 6980 fax