The deadline for submitting FFA membership and spring Ag Ed enrollment is Monday, March 16.

I encourage you to review your rolls and be sure to submit all of your students who have been added to your classes this semester. Thanks so much to all of you who have already met the 80% membership goal. Even if you have met that goal already, I encourage you to make sure every student is an FFA member so that he/she can take advantage of all the opportunities that FFA offers.

In regard to Spring Enrollment forms, here are some tips that you may find useful and hopefully make the process easier and less confusing:

1. Each Teacher in a Multi-Teacher program submits his/her own Enrollment Form.
2. We would like you to add all of your Spring Semester students to the Fall enrollment form that you submitted in October. Please do not send a separate form for Fall and Spring. The goal is to end up with one enrollment form with your entire FY15 enrollment data. If you did not save a copy of your Fall enrollment form, please contact me to send you a copy.
3. If you are on a year long schedule, all you will have to do is add any students to the bottom of your form that were not on your roll when you submitted the form in October. You do not need to insert them into the rows of the class they came into. Simply add them to the bottom of the form and select the proper class name. They will sort into the class they belong to when we pull the numbers off of page 2.
4. If you are on the block schedule, you will need to add your entire Spring Semester schedule just like you did in October. 

5. Be absolutely sure to go back to your first semester students and *update their FFA membership status*. Remember you submitted this form on October 15th and several students who were not members then, may be now. 

6. The form should highlight duplicate students and let you sort them to the top of the form. Please double check yourself to make sure that you only entered FFA membership and SAE information for duplicated students one time. If you enter FFA and SAE information for duplicate students each time they appear, your percentage numbers on page 2 will be incorrect.

7. Remember that Middle School Programs must have 80 members to meet the membership standard on the Program of Work and that High School programs must have 80% of students enrolled in an Ag class as FFA members to meet the High School standard. 

8. I understand that if you teach Middle School, you may not have started your last nine weeks. Please submit your form with all of the students you have had up to this point.

9. Please make sure your name and school appear on page 2. 

If you have questions or need help, please call me or your Area Support Teacher 

Thanks for all you do. 

Chris Corzine
Central Region Agricultural Education Director
Georgia Department of Education
PO Box 4060
1005 State University Dr.
Ft. Valley, GA 31030
"Making Agricultural Education Work for All Georgians"