The state Poultry Evaluation CDE was held on Saturday, March 21, at the University of Georgia in Athens. Membership has been confirmed, and the results are considered official. A complete set of results is attached.

A special "Thank You" goes to Mr. Kent Benson and Mrs. Christa Steinkamp for coordinating the CDE, and to the UGA Poultry Science department for hosting.

Senior Division
1st place team - Banks County (advisor - Kipp Jackson)
2nd place team - Brantley County (advisor - Chad Crews)
3rd place team - Effingham County (advisor - Meredith Arrington)

1st place individual - Christen Flowers (Brantley County)
2nd place individual - Savanna King (Banks County)
3rd place individual - Johnson Collins (Pickens County)

Junior Division
1st place team - Oconee Middle (advisor - Junior Chapman)
2nd place team - Pickens Middle (advisor - Todd Dobson)
3rd place team - Franklin County Middle (advisor - Anna Watkins)

1st place individual - Mac Johnson (Oconee Middle)
2nd place individual - Tyler Westbrook (Pickens Middle)
3rd place individual - Jacob Tompkins (Franklin County Middle)

Congratulations to these, and all participants in the Poultry Evaluation CDE.

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