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 *Visit My Journey on*

My Journey content has been updated!  Check out all the tools, tips and
lesson plans that are ready to use. Need a quick *natural resources
activity* that guides students through online research or a *career
activity* for use with *Career Cruising*?  Then look for these lessons and
more on the Explore <> page.
What about a *literacy strategy* that can be used with any lesson or a
video and worksheet to help students *stand out in an interview*? Take a
look at these activities on the Build
<> page. Need a quick activity
on *texting etiquette *in a professional setting? Check out this lesson and
more on the Connect <> page.
Did you miss the resources made available last month?  Don’t worry, they
are available on our Archive pages
<>. All of these resources
are available for *free* within My Journey, so log in to
<> today to make your planning a little easier.

Christa Steinkamp
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environmental** and
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