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I have spoken with Texas A&M and they are only available to put on the
second phase of the workshop July 9&10.  You did not have to attend the
first workshop in order to register for the second one.  However, unlike
last year, this program will not be free.  The total cost is $2000 and I
need a minimum of 20 people to seriously commit to the workshop and for
your school system or yourself be willing to pay $100.  This does cover
three instructional aides for you to use.  The workshop will again be held
in Effingham, which is two hours north of Jekyll Island so you can just
continue your stay in southeast, GA after you attend Summer Conference.

Please let me know if you have any further questions that I can answer and
reply to [log in to unmask] before 5:00 tomorrow so that I can
finalize the plans.

The Veterinary Science Certificate Program provides students with the
knowledge, motivation, and skills to pursue a career in veterinary science.
It also provides a sound platform for students who wish to pursue an
associate, undergraduate, or graduate degree. Students who complete the
program receive veterinary assistant (VA) classification from the high
school and are eligible for CVA certification through the Texas Veterinary
Medical Association. This program is available through participating high
schools and taught by agricultural science and health science teachers.

The Institute for Infectious Animal Diseases offers in-state teacher
training workshops to assist implementation and provide teachers with the
necessary skills to confidently administer the program in all three career

1. Clinical

2. One Health Science and Technology

3. Laboratory Science and Technology

Our Education and Outreach System trainers offer three options for in-state
teacher workshops. Upon completion of the training, teachers will have the
ability to teach 200 of the 500 skill hours required for the
apprenticeship. A minimum of 300 hours must be attained under the
supervision of a veterinarian, registered veterinary technician, One Health
and/or laboratory professional.

To develop, update, and sustain these services, we charge a recovery fee
for trainer expenses. There are several options to choose from. Upon
request, the VSCP team will customize a workshop to your specifications.

The following professional development training packages are available for
in-state teacher workshops. Each workshop will accommodate up to 30

* Option 1: *

 Two-day VSCP in-state training workshop providing 17 professional
development hours for agricultural and/or science educators.

 One VSCP trainer will conduct the workshop.

 Workshop will consist of 5 hours of VSCP lectures and 12 hours of program
skills training.

 Cost: $2000
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