Teachers, I've attached a planning sheet for you to look over concerning this year's fall plug order. Once you've decided what you want to order, please click on this link to submit your order. Please have your order submitted no later than Thursday June 4th.

We will not be able to accept orders from schools that have not settled their Spring Plant Invoice. 

You will notice we will have only one pickup site this year (Dawson County High School) and that we've gone back to a Mid-September (9/15/15) pick up date. I know this may concern some of you, but I assure you much thought and consideration has gone in to this decision. I am happy to discuss this decision with you if you have grave concerns over it. I can tell you briefly that the one pick up site is being offered in an effort to provide you with the best quality product possible. The date has been moved back to the way it once was after realizing that many of our schools, especially in Northwest Georgia don't event start their school year until after Labor Day.

Josh Allen 
North Region Ag Education
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