Teachers, we are aware of several plaques that were missing at our area
banquets this year and have been working with the FFA Foundation to correct
the problems. We now have many of the plaques that were not sent to us in
time for our banquets and we will be working to get those to you this week.

Please let us know if you and/or your student did not receive a CDE award
1st or 2nd place chapter plaque or a  high individual plaque, or if your
student did not receive their North Region winning proficiency plaque. If
you were not at the awards banquet and did not send a representative to
pick up your plaques, we need to know as well so that we can make certain
that the correct plaques are sent to you.

The following are the awards that we are aware of and that we have plaques

Area I - Ag. Sales High Individual - Emily Potter - Gordon Lee
Area I - 2nd Place Discussion Meet  - Kam Childers - Gordon Central
Area 1 - All Wildlife CDE Sr. High Individual Plaques
Ag. Mechanics Energy Systems Region Winner - Erik Lovvorn - Bowdon High
Grain Production Proficiency Winner - Justin Womack - Cedartown
Sheep Production Proficiency Winner - John Romero - Gordon Central

Area II - Sr. Livestock High Individual - Allie Duck - Jackson County
Area II - Jr. Meats Evaluation Winner - Oconee Middle
Area Ii - Jr. Prepared Public Speaking - 2nd Place - Breanna Childs -
Malcom Bridge Middle
Equine Science Entrepreneurship -  Misty King - Apalachee High
Turfgrass Management - Brandon Burden - Greene County High

If you are aware of any other errors regarding plaques, please contact one
of us in the area office and we will make the necessary contacts to correct
the error. Thank you.
Sidney Bell
Area Agricultural Mechanics Teacher
North Region Agricultural Education
209 Four Towers
University of Georgia
Athens, Ga. 30602
Office: (706) 552 - 4464
Cell: (706) 612 - 4789
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