Good afternoon Teachers,

Congratulations on the first day of the 2015-2016 School year!  As you
begin your new school year, please take a few minutes to make sure you have
completed your 2014-2015 Program of Work and your new 2015-2016 Program of
Work as soon as possible.   When we updated the website, we were able to
transfer old monthly report information back to 2012, but we were not able
to transfer old POW information.  So, please make sure your both your 14-15
and 15-16 POW are complete.  With our new website, we will close (lock) the
2014-2015 POW, so you will not be able to edit it after a certain point.
We are asking all teachers to complete both the 2014-2015 and the 2015-2016
POW completed by August 1st.

Steps to completing POWs:
1.  Log into; please use your current school email address
and your password (passwords did not change with the website update).
2.  Click on Go to Georgia Ag Ed Online
3.  Click on Teacher Reports (on the left side bar)
4.  Click on Program of Work (on the top right tab)
5.  Click Edit to edit and complete each POW
6.  When you Edit the 2014-2015 POW, please check both sides (what you had
planned to do on the left and what you actually did on the right).  If you
did not complete a standard, please do not check it.
7.  Click Save Changes then click generate pdf  (a pdf will download on
your computer)
8.  As you Edit the 2015-2016 POW, please only check the left side at this
point, for what you plan to do for the 15-16 school year.
9.  Click Save Changes then click generate pdf

Once you finish your POWs, I recommend emailing the pdf copy to your CTAE
director to let them know you have completed it (if you haven't already
done this).

Please contact me if you have any questions about this process.  If you are
changing schools and do not have the correct type of POW (HS, MS or YF) in
your Report options, please email or call me and I will correct this asap.
Also, please send me any new email addresses for the website and

Christa Steinkamp
Georgia Agriculture Education
Curriculum & Technology Director
216 Four Towers Building, UGA
Athens, GA 30602
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706.552.4460 ofc
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