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Here at Southern Select Show Pigs we value your business and try our very best to supply the highest quality and healthiest show pigs available.

Because of my age I have decided to reduce the sow herd. In order to provide the numbers and quality of showpigs, we teamed up with Mr. Terry Shaffer (Shaffer s’ Gold Rush) Albany, Indiana, to help supply many of the pigs we will be selling.  His health and vaccination program is almost identical to mine.  Many of the pigs we have been successful with in the past have come from Shaffer‘s Gold Rush Boar Stud.

We will still be producing our own but have Gold Rush pigs here also.

If you need pigs give me a call and I will give you the availability of both.

Prices will be about the same.

Thanks, Ray

Cell:   229-402-1200


Tommy Waldrop
Area Livestock Teacher
South Region Agricultural Education
office 229.386.3196
cell 229.326.3053
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