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Date: Mon, Aug 10, 2015 at 8:37 PM
Subject: mums
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MUMS are in season again! *Lewis Farms Nursery in Elko, GA* has mums in 9”,
10”, and 14” pots again this year. See attachment for details.

Orders are welcomed by e-mail @ [log in to unmask] or phone call/text
at 478-954-1507.

Color combo pots are becoming increasingly popular. Try some big 14” ones!
You’ll love them! !

Mums will be available starting the week of 8/31/15. Delivery/pickup can be


Tim Lewis

*Lewis Farms Nursery*

*830 Hwy 26 East*

*Elko, GA 31025*

*(478) 954-1507 <%28478%29%20954-1507> cell*

Melissa Riley
Central Region Ag Education
Horticulture Teacher
1005 State University Drive,  Box 4060
Fort Valley, GA 31030
office - 478-825-6067
cell - 478-973-4071
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