Teachers, Mike Bilow from Elbert County has found a Tractor and Machinery
Safety program sponsored by Penn State University. This program may be of
interest to those of you who are teaching a unit on Tractor Operation and
Maintenance and/or participating in the Tractor and Machinery Operation and
Maintenance CDE. Thanks to Mike Bilow for sharing this information.

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I finally found a program that is already in place to teach Tractor and
Machinery safety.  It is sponsored by Penn State University.  Teachers (Ag
Teachers and Extension Agents) have to certified to teach and certify their
students, which looks pretty easy - not an afternoon worth of work, but not
a college semester either.

I have started the process along with our Extension agent, and we will be
teaching it to my 9th grade students.  The added benefit here is that the
students will get an accredited (recognized) certification from somebody
besides just 'me' - actually from National safe Tractor and Machinery
Operations Program, which is also recognized by the U.S. DOL and OSHA.

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