Hello there South Region AG ED / FFA Team!

Here is who I have registered for this week's floral design mini clinic
held on Tuesday (tomorrow) at Echols County High School and Thursday at
Colquitt County High School:

*THURSDAY - September 3rd *
WJ Williams  Chad Bass - 1 JR Student
Pelham FFA Sealy, Gibbs, Wynn - 1 SR Student and 2 JR Students
Lee Co. Middle West Kendal Joyce - 1 JR Student
JT Reddick Cargle - 2 JR Students
Cairo High School Mark Lashley - 1 SR Student 1 JR Student
Lee County Middle School East Josh Drew - 1 JR Student
Miller County FFA Chapter Kitty Bodiford - 1 SR Student
Crisp Middle Sue Trammell - 4 JR Students
Baconton Charter FFA Victoria Hill - 1 SR Student 1 JR Student
CA Gray Jr High Valerie Bennett - 1SR Student 1 JR Student
Thomasville High Todd Creech  - 1 SR Student
Hahira Middle  Kane Staines - 4 JR Students
Thomas County Middle Davis - 1 JR Student
Brooks County High Howell - 1 SR Student 1 JR Student
Whigham Tracy Champagne - 1 JR Student
Shiver Tracy Champagne - 1 JR Student
Bainbridge High Farish Mulkey, Jr. - 1 SR Student 1 JR Student
Bainbridge Middle Levi Dunn - 1 JR Student
C.A.Gray Middle Eddie Murray - 3 JR Students
Mitchell County Middle Callie Holloway 2 JR Students
Eighth Street Middle Eve Rogers - 3 JR Students
JT Reddick Cargle - 2 JR Students
Colquitt County Adrienne Smith - 2 SR Students

*TUESDAY - September 1st - TOMORROW *
Lowndes Middle Pamela Ross - 1 JR Student
Hahira Middle  Kane Staines - 4 JR Students
Brantley County High Richard Gill - 1 SR Student 1 JR Student
Jeff Davis Middle School FFA Cody Herndon - 3 JR Students
Berrien Middle School Brook Hand - 2 JR Students
Liberty County High School Jeci Bohannon - 1 SR Student 1 JR Student
Berrien High FFA New R. Dunn - 1SR Student 1 JR Student
Echols County Shelby Corbett  - 1SR Student 4 JR Students
Echols County Shelby Corbett - 1 JR Student
Clinch Co High Dustin O'Neal - 2 SR Students 2 SR Students
Seminole County  Holly Ward - 2 SR Students 2 JR Students

Please note that you must bring your payment with you to the clinic. It is
$20 per student. Also we will have some smalls and medium size shirts for
sale for $10 if you or your students would like to purchase one at the

Directions to the NEW Colquitt County High School:
When on the bypass traveling toward the old high school turn LEFT away from
the movie theater. The high school is down that road on the RIGHT. Please
come into the school at the sign that says Colquitt County High School.
This entry way will lead you to the student/teacher parking in the back of
the school. Please pull to the back of the building where you will see the
roll up doors and lets fill that parking area first. *DO NOT *GPS this
school address. It will NOT take you to the school. You will end up in
Norman Park, which lets face it is a great little community (where I went
to elementary school) BUT not the high school!

Thanks friends and have a great MONDAY!

*Trisha Rae Lastly *
*South Region Agriculture Education *
*Area Horticulture Teacher *