As I am reflecting back on conversations many of you and I have had in the
past month in half. Many of you talk about working toward becoming industry

This makes me VERY HAPPY.

I have tried to compile a list of chapters / teachers that would like for
us to work together to achieve this goal by summer of 2016. If I have left
you off the list I am sorry (kinda the purpose of this emial, to be sure I
don't miss anyone when it at the end of the year).

Programs proclaiming they are welling for me to bother them throughout the
year for industry certification in the area of Horticulture:
Lee County High School - Dr. Gilman
Lanier County High School - Shannon Danforth
Liberty County High School - Jeci Bohannon
Bradwell Institute - Lindsey Martin
Colquitt County High School -  Adrienne Smith
Clinch County High School - Dustin O'Neal

I will be sending you all some information in the next few weeks regarding
the steps you need to take to earn that big banner at the GVATA Summer
Teachers conference this next year!

If you and your program have already become industry certified in the area
of horticulture please shoot me an email with that information on it also.
I need to know the program name and the year it was certified. This will
help me in determining who needs to be recertified.

Thanks friends and good night!

Trisha Lastly