Good evening South Region Horticulturalist!

Below is a list of schools that have fall plugs to be picked up this week at the area teachers meetings. Please make arrangements to have enough space in your travels back to haul plant trays (for some of you many trays!). You do not have to pay for these plugs at the meetings. However, you will be invoiced from Mrs. Kathy for the plugs you receive. We do not invoice before hand to ensure that all of your stock comes in correctly. I will have a copy of your order at the meetings pick up sights and you will need to sign off that you are picking up the plugs after you have assigned to be sure .

If you have any questions feel free to call or email me!

Thanks and happy planting!

Schools to pick up plugs:  
Cook County Middle
Brantley Co High
Brooks Co High
CA Gray Jr High
Calhoun County
CA Middle
Clinch County
Coffee County
Colquitt County High
Cook Co High
Crisp Co Middle
Crisp Co High
Early Co
Golden Isles
Hahira Middle
Jeff Davis
Lanier Co High
Lowndes Co High
Lowndes Co Middle
Miller Co
NE Tift
Pataula Charter High
Pine Grove Middle
Terrell Co
Tift Co High
Ware Co High
Wilcox Co High
WJ Williams Middle
Worth Co Middle

Trisha Rae Lastly 
South Region Agriculture Education 
Area Horticulture Teacher