Had a question from a teacher and would like to share some more information
with you.

The Rabbit Show has moved to the 2nd Saturday of the Fair.  October 17th.

All entry information:

Entries are not run through the fair and the deadline is October 13.
Rabbits must have tattoo in left ear.
Students need to be members for $12 plus entry fees.

Day of Show:

From Rule Book:
10. Parking: All rabbit exhibitors should enter the Livestock entrance at
the East Gate off of Larry Walker Parkway. Gate guards will allow those
with rabbits to enter that gate and will direct exhibitors to the
Multi-Purpose Building (where Rabbit exhibit is held). Please note: The
rabbit exhibit/show is located in the NW corner of the MPB. After
unloading, all vehicles should be parked in the designated exhibitor
parking area .

From the Fair:
Their rabbits will get them in the gate and they will receive their passes
when they check in.  They will be allowed to park on the north side of
Sutherland arena for the day of the rabbit show only.  Also, please note
that the Rabbit show has moved to the 2nd Saturday of the Fair this year,
not the 1st.

Let me know if you have any questions.


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