One more reminder on Advisor Form:

As many of you know the Georgia National Fair Livestock Show deadline is
fast approaching (September 1).  To ensure that Advisors receive
credentials to support their county youth showing in the livestock shows,
the GNF provides Advisors the opportunity to complete the Georgia National
Fair 4-H & FFA Advisor Form:  This
form must be complete and received by September 1 to the address or fax
number provided on the right hand corner of the form.

By completing this form, GNF staff will process the documents and have
credentials designated for Advisors available for pick up at the credential
trailer upon their arrival.

Advisors have access to the Georgia Junior National Livestock Show (Market
Lamb and Market Goat) online registration site that exhibitor and entry
information can be verified.

For all of the other specie shows that entries are processed online through
the Georgia National Fair, the Advisor is not required to sign off on these
forms so the most beneficial way to verify if you have youth exhibiting:
Heifers, Steers, Hogs, Breeding Gilts, Junior Commercial Dairy or Breeding
Ewes is to contact those eligible exhibitors individually.

Please remember that completing this form is required for Advisors to
verify that youth entered are eligible to represent their designated
organization.  Also, this completed form is needed if Advisors will be
expecting credentials (gate passes, no parking passes required) to the fair.

We appreciate the Georgia National Fair for this opportunity providing
complimentary credentials to Advisors supporting Georgia's agriculture

Ricky Wheeler
Area Animal Science Teacher
Central Region - Agricultural Education
101 North Main Street
Room 318
Swainsboro, Georgia 30401
478/595-5351 (c)