Happy Saturday to ya!

Thank you to all those that attended and brought your students to the South
Region Floral Design Mini Clinics! I know it was a lot of information
really fast but hopefully you can take the basic concepts taught back home
with you and allow your students to practice those concepts for the
upcoming CDEs.

A HUGE *THANK YOU* goes out to Echols County High School and Colquitt
County High School for hosting the events. These schools no only allow us
space to learn but Shelby Corbett and Adrienne Smith also taught the
various skills needed to be successful in the contest. If you have not done
so already take a moment and tell these two thank you for sharing their
knowledge with your students. This helps all of South Region become better

Attached is a simple news release for you to use in your local newspaper,
social media or newsletters. Please change it however you see fit. I wrote
it to be used for either mini clinic so changes will need to be made. Also
pictures of both mini clinics can be found on our Facebook page, *South
Region Agriculture Education / FFA*.

Registration is now open for both Area CDEs on the website.
Registration deadline is *September 18th at 6pm*. After this point you *WILL
NOT* be able to register and your students will not be able to compete.

Thank you for all your support and work with your amazing students!


*Trisha Rae Lastly *
*South Region Agriculture Education *
*Area Horticulture Teacher *