The Area Meats CDEs are fast approaching and the contest will be held on the following dates:

Area 5 will be held at Terrell County High School on September 29 with registration starting at 4 pm and the contest at 4:30 pm.

Area 6 will be held at Coffee County High School on October 1 with registration starting at 4 pm and the contest at 4:30 pm.

To register go to the aged website and log in and then go to event registration and select the contest you want to register for, select your students from your roster for the contest.

The contest this year will consists of :

Junior - 20 cuts to ID and 3 placing classes

Senior - 25 cuts to ID and 3 placing classes

I will have the following set up for you and your students to view and learn from and it will be part of the Area Contest Next Year - not this year.

NEW for Senior Students - Quality and Yield Grade Exercise 
     Students will have 3 ribeyes to Quality and Yield Grade using help sheets
     Students will have the Quality Grading Help Sheet, and be given Maturity, KPH and Hot Carcass weight.
     They will be required to:
          Determine Degree of Marbling, then combine that with Maturity (given) and use the chart to figure Quality Grade
          Determine Backfat and Ribeye Area take that and KPH (given) and Hot Carcass Weight (given), plug into the formula (given) to determine Yield Grade

I have attached the rules to both CDEs to this email and a copy of the scantron that we will be using.

If you have questions please let me know.

Tommy Waldrop
Area Animal Science Teacher
South Region Agricultural Education
office 229.386.3196