Hello my favorite Ag Teachers!

Thank you all so much for attending the first South Region Leadership Rally! It was hot but we had a BLAST with you and your amazing students!

Attached is the new release that was in each of your bags at registration. Please use this to promote the event to your students, administration and local community through newspaper articles, social media and through newsletters. We want this to be an event that students love and want to come to again and again! Pictures are being uploaded to the gaaged.org homepage at the bottom or at the Photo Gallery LINK here. This may take a few days! We will also have them on our Facebook page (South Region Agriculture Education / FFA).

We will be sending out a survey to allow you and your students to have feedback and input on next year's event sometime next week. Please take a moment and fill this survey out when it comes out.

Also please take a moment and have your students write a short thank you note to some of the people that helped make the event possible. You can send one per chapter or have each student write a thank you note if you wish. (you can make copies of these and put them in your secretary's books)

Raisin Cane
c/o Jessica Bolesta
3350 Newsome Road
Valdosta, GA 31606

Lunch provided by:
Echols Co FFA Alumni 
PO Box 40
Statenville, GA 31648

Leadership Activities by State FFA Officers:

Angel Rewis                                                                 Christen Flowers           

2146 Will Rewis Road                                                  142 Fulton Sload Road

Fargo, GA 31631                                                          Hortense, GA 31543


Lucouis Hodges                                                                                               

209 Hamlin Street         

Byron, GA 31008

Faith Gilman  

210 Cabin Creek Road

Commerce, GA 30529

Again thank you all so much for a successful day to RALLY together because WE ARE SOUTH REGION FFA!


Trisha Rae Lastly 
South Region Agriculture Education 
Area Horticulture Teacher