There are a few things that we all need to know before we have a GREAT event on Tuesday at Terrell County High School.

1. When arriving please drive between the two schools (high school/middle school and the elementary school), past the baseball field to the parking lot in the back. Everyone, buses and vehicles need to park in the large parking lot in the back of the school.
2. Registration starts at 4 and the CDEs will start at 4:30.
3. Registration will be in the middle of the high school/middle school. After parking in the back parking lot please enter the building through the agriculture room. Follow the hallway to the lunchroom. Leave your students in the lunchroom where there will be FREE SNACKS. Teachers then need to register your students in the center of the building.
4. The welcome and division of CDE teams/individuals will happen from the lunchroom after registration closes.
5. Terrell County community members and FFA members will provide food on sale as CDEs finish and you await CDE results. Hamburgers and Hotdogs will cost $1.00, Cheese Burgers will cost $1.50, and Canned Drinks will cost .50. These items will be sold in the agriculture shop/classroom.
6. UNNOFICIAL results will be announced in the lunchroom as CDEs finish in the CDE areas of FFA Quiz, Floral Design, and Job Interview. 
7. Meats Evaluation and Land Judging CDE participants need to bring a clip board.  All CDE participants need to bring pencils! (Except Job Interview CDE participants)

As a reminder, FFA quiz top three scores will return for oral questions immediately after scoring.  Test portion counts 100 points and oral questions count 20 points.

WEATHER ALERT!!!!!  The Land Judging CDE is still on!  However, PLEASE have your students dress accordingly.  Boots, rain jackets, hats, and any other weather appropriate gear is strongly recommended.  I would encourage you to bring a change of clothes and shoes for those that may get wet.  This would eliminate anyone having to ride and arrive at home WET! 

Ira Tucker

South Region Director
South Region Agriculture Education
2802 Moore Highway
Tifton, Ga. 31793
229-386-3428 office
229-425-7619 cell