We all know our first big deadline hurdle is fast approaching and I wanted
to send out a reminder and a few details of how we will be collecting the
information that we need.

*POA and Budget:*

Your POA and Budget should be sent to the*
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email. You may include your budget as a part of your POA or you may submit
it as a separate item. Please save it in the following format:

HeritageHigh_POA_FY16 or UnionCountyMiddle_POA_FY16

*Enrollment and FFA Roster:*

Enrollment and FFA Rosters are now part of our new website. We will check
both of these ourselves just like we have checked monthly reports in the
past. We will pull up each school website and look for the following

1. Your enrollment should be complete. This should mean that every student
listed under your enrollment has accurate class information entered and a
completed profile. Those students graduated or those students who will not
have you until second semester but have already joined FFA may have
"approved course of study" as their class if you do not know what it will
be next semester. Students who were transferred to your enrollment from
your last years FFA roster and who do not have an ag class and are no
longer FFA members should be deleted from your enrollment. These students
will then be in your "deleted students" file. If they take another ag class
at a later time, you can reclaim them from this deleted file and move them
into a class without having to recreate a new profile.

2. Your FFA roster should should show all of the students that you have
submitted from your enrolled students. There is no required percentage for
the Fall roster but every student who has participated in a CDE or will
likely participate in a CDE or attend an FFA event should be on the roster.
This Fall Roster will also determine the Chapters that get recognized as
100% at the Mid-Winter GVATA Conference with the Advisor gifts.

3. Your roster check should be postmarked by October 15th.

I appreciate all of the positive feedback I have received on the new
enrollment and roster system and I am certain it will improve even more as
we work out bugs and learn what all it will do.

Thank you for all that you do for your students,


Stan Mitchell
North Region Director
Agricultural Education
204 Four Towers
University of Georgia
Athens, Ga. 30602
Office 706-552-4468
Cell 706-338-7230
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