Attached you will find the order form for this year's spring plants. We have increased the offerings. Please look through the entire form and consider some of the new plants we're offering. If you are not familiar with a particular plant, Google is a great thing. Do some reading and see if you think that plant would fit nicely into your plan.
Currently, our growers are not offering sweet potato vine which has always been one of our most popular selections. I am working with them to see if we can work something out. I've listed them at the bottom of the form in hopes we can procure that.
Please fill out the yellow sections of the order form and return it to me by email no later than Thursday November 12.
Please save the file as your school name Sping16 plant order, eg. Alcovy_Spring16_PlantOrder.

Josh AllenĀ 
North Region Ag Education
204 Four Towers
Athens, GA 30602
706-552-4466 office
706-202-0770 cell