Congratulations to EVERYONE that worked so hard with your students and
brought them to compete in the Area Floral Design CDEs. There are a few
things we need to follow up with for the contest to be complete!

1. If you did not turn in your thank you note to the blue thank you note
box please send it to the South Region Office or hand deliver it to me at
some point SOON and I will be more than happy to mail it to the correct
people for your student.

2. *Attached* is the press release. The same as I gave you in hard copy
form at the contest. Some of you like it hard copy and some like digital so
here it is this way for you techno peeps! Please take the time to promote
your students and chapters regardless of the student's placement at the
contest they worked hard and need to be celebrated!
***This can also be used in your reporter's book that I know EVERY chapter
will turn in this year.***

3. Here is the link for the pictures taken at the Area 5 CDEs:
AREA 5 CDE PICS <> (which includes
all CDEs not just floral design)

4. Here is a link for the pictures taken at the Area 6 CDEs:
AREA 6 CDE PICS <> (which will have
all CDEs not just floral design)

5. *LINKED HERE <>* are the Area 5 and
Area 6 Floral Design Plant ID Power Points. These are the flowers used for
the ID part of the contest for Area 5 and Area 6 with the answers! Use
these in you classes to help you teach plant ID or train your next floral
design student! They can be found on our South Region page on the AG ED

6. Your score sheets will be mailed to your school next week IF you did not
get them at the contest. Please be on the lookout for them.

7. *Attached* is a copy of the test with the answer key as well.

8. *Attached* is a copy of the scenarios used at the contest with the
materials provided.

Thank you so much for such a great contest and for being so positive! Have
a wonderful weekend!

*Trisha Rae Lastly *
*South Region Agriculture Education *
*Area Horticulture Teacher *