As we discussed in our Summer Conference and Fall Teachers Meetings, your Program of Work Reviews will be conducted this Spring by your own local administrators. This team is selected by you and there are no requirements as to the number of administrators or who they may be. It is suggested that you use this opportunity to educate those whose decisions and policies have a direct impact on your program and help them to understand the standards required by your Program of Work. I truly believe this will be a learning experience for many of our administrators and will lead them to better understand our programs and encourage stronger support.

Suggestions of team members may include:
System wide CTAE Directors
School level CTAE Supervisors or Department Heads
School Counselors and Registrars 

I am attaching the Evaluation Guide for FY16 to help in securing the documentation you need. In the guidelines, bolded material is what you would need to provide and italicized material is information we collect here in the office. All of this information should be placed in a program review notebook to share with your review team.

We will send each of you a personalized report of the data collected by the Central Region Office on April 5, 2016. This report will include all of the italicized information on the review guide pertaining to you and your chapter and can be added to your notebook. Please let me know if you have any questions or need any assistance. We want to help you make this review process as smooth and as productive as possible.

Thanks for all you do, I hope each of you have a great weekend and I look forward to seeing you at the next CDE's.

Chris Corzine
Central Region Agricultural Education Director
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