Thank you to Mrs. Ashley Rivers, her husband, her administration, and her
students for hosting the Area 1 CDEs last night. Putting on 5 events in one
afternoon can be a logistical nightmare, but Mrs. Rivers (and all those
that helped her) did an outstanding job.
I would also like to thank the teachers who jumped in and served as group
leaders and those who helped sort scantrons at the conclusion of the event.
The event wouldn't have run as smoothly if these teachers hadn't
volunteered to help out.
Now, for what you're really waiting for...the results.

Senior Floriculture
1st Place - Gilmer County High School, advisor, David Bushey
2nd Place - North Murray High School, advisor, Ruby McCracken
High Individual - Colby Cochran, North Murray High School

Junior Floriculture
1st Place - Bagley Middle School, advisor, Nelson McCracken
2nd Place - Gilmer County High School, advisor, Paul Little
High Individual - Kinnady Newton, Bagley Middle School

Full results are attached

Teachers, if you see an error on any of your student's names, please let me
know so I can fix that in our master sheet. We use these names to create
your certificates at the end of the year and we want to be sure all your
students can be proud of their accomplishments (and we have spelled their
names correctly).

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North Region Ag Education
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Athens, GA 30602
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