What a great time with you and your students the past week at the fairs in
your communities. It is so wonderful to see you providing opportunities to
your students that test their knowledge from inside your classrooms and
during your after school practices! I hope these* events* help you and your
students to become more prepared for the Area Floriculture CDEs (December
8th and 10th) and the Area Nursery Landscape CDEs (March 1st and 3rd). I
hope to see you all there with your students! Please note that these are
not real CDEs these are practice CDEs to help prepare and know what needs
to be worked on between now and the actual CDE.

Below you will find power points for each the senior and junior plant ID
contests from the Albany Fair. I am having some technical issues today and
will send the power point from yesterday soon. Please use these to study
with your students. I have to send these as PDFs because they are so large.
If you would like to have the actually power points I will bring them to
Area Floriculture CDEs AND GVATA Mid Winter on a flash drive then you may
download them to your laptop if you wish.

Also below are the score sheets from each contests. Please note that ties
for Albany were broke by preselected plants and high individuals were
determined by total team score.

Attached below also is a press release for the Horticulture Fair Events.
Please use this in your local community and on your chapter's social media
to promote what you do with your students outside of class time. This will
also give students recognition for their hard work. And hey! You may even
find some new supporters from your promotion!

Thanks again for your participation and I hope you all have a great rest of
your week!

*Trisha Rae Lastly *
*South Region Agriculture Education *
*Area Horticulture Teacher *