Good morning my South Region Agriculture Teacher Friends! I hope you have
all recovered from a very exciting National FFA Convention!

Below are the lists that have, as of right now, registered for the
Horticulture Events that will be held for the next two weeks. You may still
register if you wish (or if you forgot) but please go ahead and do so. This
way answer sheets can be made ahead of time.

*Albany Tech - Floriculture Contest - November 3rd (TOMORROW) *

Chapter Name Agriculture Teacher Name Number of Senior Team MembersNumber
of Junior Team MembersMiller County High FFA Kitty Bodiford42MIller County
Middle FFAKitty BodifordNA4Berrien High FFARebekah Dunn44Pelham High School
SealyNA4Northeast Campus- TiftBrittaney SchwingNA4Lee Co. Middle WestKendal
JoyceNA4SeminoleHolly Ward4NANortheast Campus- Tift CountyBrittaney Schwing
NA4SeminoleHolly Ward4NAEighth Street MiddleEve RogersNA4Berrien High
Dunn4NARandolph Clay FFAAbby Barber42JT ReddickCargleNA4JT ReddickCargleNA4Lee
county highD. Gilman4NA

*Albany Fair - Floriculture ID Contest November 6th - (THIS FRIDAY)*

County/ChapterTeacher/Agent Name Number of Students Miller County High
School FFAKitty Bodiford6Miller County Middle FFAKitty Bodiford4Lee County
Middle EastJosh Drew4W.J. Williams Middle Chad Bass 4Bainbridge HighLevi
Dunn4Bainbridge MiddleLevi Dunn4CA Gray Jr HighValerie Bennett4JT Reddick
Cargle8Pelham City Middle SchoolGibsb8Pelham High SchoolSealy8Mitchell
County MiddleCallie Holloway4SeminoleHolly Ward8Early CountyLisa Murphree4Lee
Co. Middle WestKendal Joyce8Eighth Street MiddleEve Rogers6C.A. GRAY
MURRAY4Northeast Campus- Tift CountyBrittaney Schwing8IrwinShayla Johnson4
Whigham/GradyTracy Champagne8Colquitt CountyAdrienne Smith8CA Gray Jr
Bennett4Tift County High SchoolCross4Worth County Middle School FFAAlan West
8Northeast Campus- Tift County Brittaney Schwing 8JT ReddickCargleu8Coffee
Middle SchoolCourtney Branch8Irwin MiddleMelanie Tucker8Bainbridge HighLevi
Dunn4Bainbridge MiddleLevi Dunn4Lee CountyGilman4earlyLisa Murphree4Lee
county high schoolD. Gilman4
*Albany Fair - Nursery Landscape ID Contest November 6th (THIS FRIDAY)*

County/ChapterAdvisor/AgentNumber of Students: Miller County High
School FFAKitty
Bodiford8W.J. Williams Middle Chad Bass 4CA Gray Jr HighValerie Bennett4JT
ReddickCargle8Pelham High SchoolSealy8Pelham City Middle SchoolGibbs8Mitchell
County MiddleCallie Holloway4Early Lisa Murphree4SeminoleHolly Ward8C.A.GRAY
MIDDLE FFAEDDIE MURRAY4Shiver/ GradyTracy Champagne4Colquitt CountyAdrienne
Smith8CA Gray Jr HighValerie Bennett4Tift County High SchoolH. Cross4Worth
County Middle School FFAAlan West8JT ReddickCargle8Irwin MiddleMelanie

*Okefenokee Fair - Floriculture ID Contest November 11th (NEXT WEDNESDAY)*

Chapter Name Teacher Name / Agent Name Senior Team Number of Senior
Teams Junior
Team Number of Junior Teams ware middleCherry HendersonYes2Brantley
morrisNoYes2Appling MiddleRicky barnesNoYes2Brantley County HighRichard Gill
Yes1Yes1Jeff Davis Middle School FFACody HerndonNoYes2Bradwell InstituteLindsey
MartinYes1Yes1Echols CountyShelby Corbett Yes1Yes2Lowndes MiddlePamela Ross
NoYes1Brantley middleKrista morris Yes2Coffee Middle SchoolCourtney Branch
Yes2Appling MiddleRicky barnesYes2Berrien High FFARebekah DunnYes2Yes1Golden
IslesAmy StalveyYes2McIntosh AcademyChristy DillsYes2Yes1
*Okefenokee Fair - Nursery Landscape ID Contest November 11th *

Chapter Name Agriculture Teacher/ Agent NameNumber of Senior Teams Number
of Junior Teams Brantley middleKrista morris 2Appling MiddleRicky
County HighRichard Gill11Jeff Davis Middle School FFACody Herndon2Echols
County Shelby Corbett1Bradwell InstituteLindsey Martin11Brantley middleKrista
morris2Appling MiddleRicky Barnes2

Links are listed below for you to still register for the great events.
These will help your students prepare for the CDEs that are coming soon!

Albany Tech (Open to ALL of South Region) - November 3rd
Onsite Registration 4pm
Contest Time 4:30pm

Registration Link

Albany Fair (Open to Area 5 Chapters) - November 6th
Onsite Registration  9am
Contest Time 10 am

Floriculture Registration Link

Nursery Landscape Registration Link

Okefenokee Fair (Open to Area 6 Chapters) - November 11th
Onsite Registration 1:30pm
Contests Time 2 - 3:30pm

Floriculture Registration Link

Nursery Landscape Registration

Thank you for what you do EVERYDAY with your students! The hard work that
you conduct to provide opportunities for your students does not go
unnoticed! KEEP IT UP! And hey October is over!! Please contact me with any
questions you may have about these contests.

*Trisha Rae Lastly *
*South Region Agriculture Education *
*Area Horticulture Teacher *