WOW! What a great event! 

First off I would like to say THANK YOU! 

Thank you for those of you who came with your students. This small act shows that you are wanting to learn new things, push your students to success and provide them with the opportunities to grow! 

Thank you to Albany Technical College! Mr. George Paul was amazing. He organized the entire event, from ribbons and food to contest materials and helpers. Thank you Mr. Paul for continuing to give this opportunity for our young people to become better.  

Teachers please have your students take the time to write a simple THANK YOU card to Mr. George Paul for his efforts. You could have each of your students to do this or one per team if you want. A sample THANK YOU CARD is attached, thanks to Mr. Shawn Collins.  (this would also allow you to have another correspondence in your secretary's book) 

Address for thank yous: 
George Paul 
Environmental Horticulture Chairmen 
Albany Technical College
1704 S. Slappey Blvd.
Albany, Georgia 31701

Attached is the score sheets that I received from Mr. Paul at Albany Tech. Also attached is a simple, short news release for your reporter to modify for your community to know about the contest and the support that Albany Tech is providing to your students. (this would be great to use in your reporters book)

Trisha Rae Lastly 
South Region Agriculture Education 
Area Horticulture Teacher